EMAY, in addition to

  • Investment and Operation Period Revenue and Expenditure Analysis

  • Socio-Economical Analysis and Evaluation
  • Cost - Benefit Analysis
  • Financial Planning, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimate
  • Preparation and Monitoring of Budget and Cash Flow Programme
  • Cost Management / Cost Control

and similar financial and economical services that can be currently being performed and already covered under other services topics; is increasing its expertise in

  • evaluation of applicability of models to projects and selection of the most suitable model,

  • development of financial models and provision of consultancy service for project finance,

  • determination of relationships, authorities and responsibilities between the parties,
  • determination of general outlines of procedures to be followed during actualization and life-cycle application of models,

  • provision of consultancy services for risk determination, analysis, assessment, prevention and management,

  • provision of expert opinion during development phase of contracts,
  • provision of consultancy support during tender and contract negotiation stages

related to alternative procurement / financing models and especially public-private partnerships, which are finding more fields of application and rapidly wide-spreading; and can provide “turnkey” consultancy services to both public and private sectors as well as financing institutions by integrating its expertise in

  • design, design review / verification and optimization,
  • provision of technical support during construction and operation / maintenance stages

together with its expertise in other technical topics.

EMAY can carry out the above services as an integral package together with the services within the scope of Project Planning and Implementation Services, and thus can be a “turnkey” solution partner of its employers and clients.