EMAY, during the planning stage of public or private investments of its employers and clients, establishes the optimal solutions where existing resources are used in the most efficient manner and which would form the basis for its employers and clients during the decision-taking process, by considering social, economical, financial, environmental and technical inputs in an integrated manner and analyzing the risks and opportunities.

Our master plan and feasibility study services includes the following sub-fields of services :

  • Determination of Needs with Employers and Clients
  • Market Survey and Analysis
  • Capacity and Site Selection
  • Resource Studies
  • Land and Utility (road, water, electricity, etc.) Surveys

  • Technology Selection
  • Implementation Planning and Programme
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Demand Analysis
  • Investment and Operation Period Revenue and Expenditure Analysis

  • Socio-Economical Analysis and Evaluation
  • Cost - Benefit Analysis
  • Financial Planning, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Sensitivity Analysis

Our experts together with our consultants / partners / sub-contractors performs master plan and feasibility study services, especially concentrated in transportation field of activity, by using state-of-the-art methods and latest / most advanced software.

Local or international specifications or methods specified in the guide to cost-benefit analysis of investment project of the European Union are used in our studies.