EMAY provides the below listed services to the public and private sectors with its expert employees, its consultants / partners / sub-contractors in order to find economical, safe, effective and long-term sustainable solutions to the current or future capacity, operation and safety problems of transportation systems :

  • Transport and Traffic Data Collection (including traffic counts)

  • Transport Modeling and Planning

  • Traffic Flow (Operation) Simulation and Optimization

  • Demand Forecasts and Traffic Analysis / Verification

  • Multimodal Transport Studies

  • Integrated Transport Master Plans and Feasibility Studies

  • Corridor and Alignment Selection

  • Design Services

  • Capacity and Operation Analysis, Planning and Design of Facilities with High Traffic Generation / Attraction (Shopping Center, Stadium, Car Park, etc.)

  • Traffic Management Planning and Design

  • Traffic Safety Studies

The state-of-the-art software like

  • transportation modeling and planning software : VISUM, TransCAD, TRANPLAN, Transport, EMME,

  • traffic simulation software : VISSIM, CORSIM,

  • traffic movements analysis software : HCS,

  • highway technical and economical analysis software : HDM-4

are used during transportation and traffic planning and design services.