EMAY provides expert opinion related to proposed solutions for the situations / problems that are or can be encountered by its employers and clients within the life-cycle (project planning, preparation, implementation or operation phases) of their

  • new,
  • renovation,
  • expansion,
  • retrofitting,
  • maintenance / repairing

and similar projects by carrying out due diligence, inspection, analysis and evaluation services.

The services performed can partially or completely cover all technical disciplines of Architectural and Engineering Services and Environmental Impact Assessment, Financial and Economical Services and Project Implementation Services as well as resolution of administrative or legal disputes and conflicts (claims of the parties, etc.) encountered in the projects.

EMAY provides

  • economic / cost - effective,
  • state-of-the-art,
  • safe,
  • aesthetic,
  • environmentally-conscious,
  • sustainable,
  • innovative and effective considering the end users

solutions for situations / problems that are / can be encountered.