EMAY has extensive knowledge and experience in planning, design and project implementation services of bridges and viaducts. EMAY provides services in the following sub-fields of activity within the context of bridges and viaducts :

  • Highway Viaducts and Bridges (including Multi-story Interchanges, Under/Overpasses, Water Crossings)
  • Rail System Viaducts and Bridges (including Under/Overpasses, Water Crossings)
  • Urban Public Transportation System Bridges (including Pedestrian)

EMAY, owing to hundreds of completed design of bridges and viaducts, is the most experienced company in Turkey. EMAY works on different types of bridges and viaducts listed below:

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Pre-stressed Concrete (Pre-tensioned or Post-tensioned)
  • Steel
  • Cable Supported
  • Segmental

Our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum ranging from simple survey and assessments to complex multi-disciplinary studies. These include the following :