EMAY has extensive knowledge and experience in planning, design and project implementation services of tunnels. EMAY provides services in the following sub-fields of activity within the context of tunnels :

  • Highway Tunnels
  • Rail System Tunnels (including Station Buildings)
  • Urban Public Transportation System Tunnels
  • Water and Waste Water Tunnels

EMAY works in all kinds of soil conditions from the hard rock to weak (soft) soil conditions on different types of tunnels listed below :

  • Cut and Cover Tunnels
  • Cover-Cut Tunnels
  • Drilling-Blasting Tunnels (NATM or TBM)
  • Utility Tunnels
  • Underground Structures
  • Portal and Entrance Structures
  • Shaft Structures (Temporary / Permanent Access, Emergency, Ventilation)

Our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum ranging from simple survey and assessments to complex multi-disciplinary studies. These include the following :